Wednesday, 11 December 2013

part 2 evaluating websites


    e) 3 things that make treehugger a reliable site is that it has a gatekeeper and a publisher and it has at the bottom of the page a help and authors name.

    f) well wikapedia to me is not a reliable site because the site doesn't have a gatekeeper so anyone can post anything and also some of the facts are wrong. wikapedia is not reliable to me..

     a) entertainment, news, current information on something, videos, laws, and etc.
     b) i use video websites like youtube, also intsagram and i use news websites to find out new information on like weather.
     c) authority, currency, coverage, objectivity and accuracy. i use mostly currency and accuracy because they have to be up to date and if they are not then it might be the wrong thing u are reading. accuracy is the one of the most important if it has wrong info on the page then you could totally mess up on a project if you are looking at a website with no accuracy.


  a) site 1 is a non reliable site because it has wrong information and has not enough info one the subject.
      site 2 is a reliable site because it has accuracy on the info and has a lot of information on this subject.

  b) well site one doesn't and site two does.

  c) site 1 is a bad website and site 2 is a good website

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