Monday, 3 February 2014

social media assignment

1,2 and 3 questions:

propaganda means information baised on misleading information. the video is not to me propaganda because the info they are giving could be true and could be false, but to me this video is legit.. the video could be trustworthy, but it could have some info that could be wrong and could tell people the wrong message or the wrong info. i think this video could be quiet pushy because they are pressuring people in a way to give money to the charity, but the money could not possibly not be going to the the charity and just going to things they don't need.

4,5,6 and 7 questions:

some key criticism are that the charity is not giving money to the real problem and that the location of the man who is doing this is acaully in a new spot. i agree in some parts with the critics because some of the things they have not done to help is really bad and also the leader of this campain had a nervous breakdown so i think he shouldn't really come back and be the leader because the charity know will have a really bad reputation for there leader and you want your leader to be remembered as a strong person that did things to change what is going on, but he won't be that type of leader he will be remembered as a nervous wreck. i think using social media this way is quiet smart because people go onto the internet and look what is going on in the world, but the downfall to this is that people could hate on you and you don't know who it is. i think the world has changed a lot since facebook, youtube and twitter because more people are getting bullied know and killing them selves because of facebook messages people send them and what people say about there videos on youtube, words hurt a lot and when you say those words you can't take them back.

8,9 and 10 questions:

 Jason Russell after the video he created had a mental break down and ran around the streets of San Diego naked.. this acciedent made a lot of people not donating to the charity and the charity became really not a lot of things anymore. social media is strong so be careful what you say it could hurt someone. be careful what you post because some people take it quite badly.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

cyberbullying part B


    teresa should not post online information like her phone number or her address because people could find out where you live. CREEPY.....!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) i put therm on private settings so only people i know that try and follow me i can get them or except them for a facebook request.

3) you should always consider to put your settings on private and also do not post anything that is private to you and also dont put your real birthday or your phone number because people could find you..


1) is this appropiate?
2) will i get hate for posting this?
3) will i get bullied for doing this?
4) what would my parents thing of this?
5) will i get teased for this?
6) does this have any of my personal info on it?
7) what would my friends think of this?

cyberbullying part 2


   e) the two main catagories are harassing someone online like saying that they are not wanted or the other is calling someone a name of labeling them online publicly or just sending it to the person.
   f) well commenting things about someone online publicly is horrible. calling someone a name is one. and the last one is being completely humiliated in front of people on facebook or any public site. and even posting pictures of people that are very private .

Monday, 6 January 2014

cyberbullying assignment part 1


   a) cyberbullying is diffrent from cyber harassment because cyberbullying is acually telling someone that they are ugly and they shloud not be here so they are speaking their mind to say what they think that is probably not true. with cyber harassment it is sort of the same but you saying that your going to hurt that person or take all of there friends and stuff like that..


   c) dont open the email or text just delete it right away and carey on with life...

   d) so they can fell powerful

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

part 2 evaluating websites


    e) 3 things that make treehugger a reliable site is that it has a gatekeeper and a publisher and it has at the bottom of the page a help and authors name.

    f) well wikapedia to me is not a reliable site because the site doesn't have a gatekeeper so anyone can post anything and also some of the facts are wrong. wikapedia is not reliable to me..

     a) entertainment, news, current information on something, videos, laws, and etc.
     b) i use video websites like youtube, also intsagram and i use news websites to find out new information on like weather.
     c) authority, currency, coverage, objectivity and accuracy. i use mostly currency and accuracy because they have to be up to date and if they are not then it might be the wrong thing u are reading. accuracy is the one of the most important if it has wrong info on the page then you could totally mess up on a project if you are looking at a website with no accuracy.


  a) site 1 is a non reliable site because it has wrong information and has not enough info one the subject.
      site 2 is a reliable site because it has accuracy on the info and has a lot of information on this subject.

  b) well site one doesn't and site two does.

  c) site 1 is a bad website and site 2 is a good website

Monday, 9 December 2013

evaluating websites part 1


   a) ethos means credibility to a website, book or anything else.

   b) an authoritative site is a website that  has  reliable  information that has a gatekeeper.

   c) it is important to have a gatekeeper because if you have a high authority website then the information that goes on to your web page must have real proof the thing happened or that the information you are giving is true. a gatekeeper is the one who helps you with your website making sure that the information you are giving is true. some websites don't have a gatekeeper so the website is not reliable because the information they are giving might not be true.

   d) the television news article might be enough information, but it really isn't because the anchor has only a small time to talk about to news information

digital literacy

   a) i do not agree or disagree because the article has two strong points to each side, but if i had to choose it would be i disagree because it says that technology will take over in the future. i think it won't take over it will help us even more.

   b) this statement doesn't really mean a lot to me, but i say that we shape or future and technology doesn't. this is what the statement means to me.

    c) digital literacy means to me technology that we use to help use, but we can't touch it because it is on a screen. we are still able to see it. visual literacy means that you can see it but it doesn't have a screen it has no screen so you can touch it and you can look at it.
    d) i have not used any of these programs except for one that is youtube. that is were i watch videos and new information that can be serious or hilarious.


   a) the programs are for voice overs projects.

    b) you could use these programs in a project if you are using the internet or any type of technology.

     c) pros are that they are fun to do but the cons are that your program could be deleted if not saved.

     d) i might use it because it might be use full to me in the future.