Wednesday, 8 January 2014

cyberbullying part B


    teresa should not post online information like her phone number or her address because people could find out where you live. CREEPY.....!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) i put therm on private settings so only people i know that try and follow me i can get them or except them for a facebook request.

3) you should always consider to put your settings on private and also do not post anything that is private to you and also dont put your real birthday or your phone number because people could find you..


1) is this appropiate?
2) will i get hate for posting this?
3) will i get bullied for doing this?
4) what would my parents thing of this?
5) will i get teased for this?
6) does this have any of my personal info on it?
7) what would my friends think of this?

cyberbullying part 2


   e) the two main catagories are harassing someone online like saying that they are not wanted or the other is calling someone a name of labeling them online publicly or just sending it to the person.
   f) well commenting things about someone online publicly is horrible. calling someone a name is one. and the last one is being completely humiliated in front of people on facebook or any public site. and even posting pictures of people that are very private .

Monday, 6 January 2014

cyberbullying assignment part 1


   a) cyberbullying is diffrent from cyber harassment because cyberbullying is acually telling someone that they are ugly and they shloud not be here so they are speaking their mind to say what they think that is probably not true. with cyber harassment it is sort of the same but you saying that your going to hurt that person or take all of there friends and stuff like that..


   c) dont open the email or text just delete it right away and carey on with life...

   d) so they can fell powerful