Wednesday, 8 January 2014

cyberbullying part B


    teresa should not post online information like her phone number or her address because people could find out where you live. CREEPY.....!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) i put therm on private settings so only people i know that try and follow me i can get them or except them for a facebook request.

3) you should always consider to put your settings on private and also do not post anything that is private to you and also dont put your real birthday or your phone number because people could find you..


1) is this appropiate?
2) will i get hate for posting this?
3) will i get bullied for doing this?
4) what would my parents thing of this?
5) will i get teased for this?
6) does this have any of my personal info on it?
7) what would my friends think of this?